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Our Virtual Insurance Avatar Assistants feature intelligent systems in which a digital character interacts, through actual conversations, with your customers and clients. This engaging experience allows you to offer your customers access to a “perfect” helper, all on a 24/7 basis. This assistant never gets tired, bored or cranky – and it never gets sick, demands a raise or employee benefits.

Our Virtual Insurance Avatar Assistants can:

  • Interact with your customers to determine their needs and wants. They then can help them to accomplish their request, or direct them to the appropriate place (such as a human, call center, or a voicemail or e-mail system.
  • Propose additional add-on services. This is done through a narrative interview-style script that makes assumptions and recommendations to customers, based upon industry-approved algorithms.
  • Answer detailed questions about each product or service – how they work, their benefits and which is an appropriate choice.
  • Deliver sales scripts that are engaging, emotional, and fully compliant. Our avatars never fail to ask each customer a carrier-approved list of questions.
  • Promote your brand and brand image.
  • Be placed in different environments and can change appearances. 

Our Virtual Insurance Avatar Assistant solution dramatically reduces the expenses associated with traditional human-capital customer service and sales approaches. They are less expensive to create and update than video, while still providing a compelling and effective presentation that has demonstrably driven sales of financial products and services.