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Employee Benefits & HR

Employee Benefits & HR

The Visyt system was organized specifically to address the dramatic and increasing demand for effective web-based communication content throughout the insurance field, specifically in the area of employee benefits. Our “Smart Avatars” can be attached to any employee benefit platform, HRIS system, or website – and can be used in limitless pre-enrollment, open enrollment, post-enrollment, direct sales and training campaigns. Visyt proprietary technology creates these digital personalities that are compelling, multi-lingual, and intelligent. These avatars can be in the form of a human, animal character or a “talking object.” Our Virtual Communicators feature an intelligent system in which our digital characters interact with employees, providing them access to a “perfect HR assistant,” which they can access on a 24/7 basis.

These digital characters are always available, friendly and on-time, ready to:

  • Increase employee appreciation of their employee benefit package.
  • Offer innovative “pre-enrollment” communications that employees will listen to and find easy to understand – increasing retention.
  • Explain and “guide” employees through their benefit options, how they work and how they benefit them specifically.
  • Help employees navigate through their HR employee portal.
  • Log and report all employee interaction – helping out in a litigious world.
  • Offer “post-enrollment” communications that can “drill-down” further into specific benefits, survey employees and show benefit statements.

Our system offers 3 different types of products:

  1. Pre-Sale Marketing Avatar Mails: Visyt creates custom presentations that can be sent out to the clients of our distribution partners. All that this requires is for our distributors to send out an e-mail with a dynamic link put into it. When the prospective customer clicks on the link, a browser is opened up and shows our personalized product/process presentation.
  2. Visyt creates Smart Avatars that are attached to websites and sales platforms to explain products/processes and guide buyers through the purchasing process. If there is a need, Visyt can use Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to enable the Avatar to answer questions on any product/process. An employee can simply ask a question in their own “manner of speech” and receive an appropriate answer.
  3. Post-Sale Avatar Mails: These are similar to Pre-Sale Avatar Mails, except they discuss things such as, purchase re-enforcement, cross-selling opportunities, surveys, etc.